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Message from the President

Aiming at a global company that creates ultra-high precision molds.

President Minoru Yamai

President Minoru Yamai

Nichiei Seiki Co., Ltd. has been consistently developing and expanding its operations as a manufacturer of molds that are the basis of plastic molding since its establishment in 1968. We have been contributing to the delivery of mold technology that is required for Japan’s world class cutting-edge technologies, including electronic devices, home electric appliances, automobile parts and optical devices. Although this mold technology is never visible to people, we support their rich daily lives through the various product families we produce using these molding casts. We are now facing up to the challenges of the times : high quality, reduced time to market and competitive prices. Nichiei Seiki intends to respond to these challenges with our long cherished cutting-edge technology and expertise.

We always strive to listen to our customers’ views and aim at being a “global mold technology specialists group” that creates high value-added, competitive casts in world markets. Above all, we hope to be able to contribute to societies in the 21st Century as a leading company in the mold industry beloved by our customers.